The Last Tonight Show Blog Post

Hey guys!  So, as many of you have already noticed, NBC took down my last Tonight Show Blog Post.  It bums me out, of course… But the end of the day, it’s their site, so they can do what they want. The very last post was more of an epilogue than anything else, anyway.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, here it is!

One For The Road.

Hey everybody!  What’d you think of our last show?!  Pretty sweet, no?  Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Billy Gibbons, Ben Harper, Beck, Neil Young… How could you possibly construct a more star studded and fantastic end to our short run on The Tonight Show?!  You couldn’t.  It was an unbelievable end to an unbelievable run of great shows.  All of us here at the show were incredibly proud of our final episode - and we hope that you guys had as much fun watching it as we did making it! If you had a viewing party, feel free to post links to your pics and video in the comments below… I can’t respond to everyone, but I do read everyone’s comments and see everything you guys link to - especially since I no longer have a job! Ha ha ha oh god oh god.  Thank you for the awesome words and links - the thought of everyone having a great big blowout for our last show warms my cold little heart!

As for everything else and the future of our show, there is nothing really new to report. Today, the office was full - some people were packing, others were just hanging out talking about what’s going to happen next - and the rest of this week will probably be much of the same. What will happen next is anyone’s guess; but we’re all thinking the same thing: we hope to get back on the air as soon as possible so that we can entertain you fine people once again.

This won’t be a long, drawn out goodbye; partly because Friday’s post said everything I wanted to say, and partly because this isn’t a goodbye at all: This is a “see you later”. This is an extended hiatus. This is an interruption of service. We will be back before you know it, and we will be back stronger and funnier than ever! So make sure you keep those faces limber, party people - a blown out cheek is nothing to laugh at!  Unless, of course, it happens to my sister. Then it’s hilarious.

As for this site, I feel bummed to be leaving it… Me and the excellent digital team over at put so much hard work into making it sweet, but what can you do?  I don’t know how long this site will be up; I’ve been lobbying for it to remain up as long as possible, but it’s not my decision. My point: If you’ve got posts you wanna go back and read, or videos you wanna go back and watch, I’d do it sooner rather than later. Our show will be in repeats through the Olympics, and after that, what happens to this place is anyone’s guess. It could be left up forever (which would be really awesome), or it could get taken down tomorrow (which would be the opposite of really awesome). That’s just life, I guess. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and our rabbit’s feet handy in the hope that this digital sand castle can fend off the tide of 1s and 0s for a little while longer.

On that note, from now on I will be writing a daily blog over at - and I’ll also be starting a weekly web show with some other Conan people (and other folks I know), that will be starting either this week or next! During this break, I’m going to try to be as creative and productive as possible - it’s either that, or gorging myself on gravy every day, and that would end poorly. (Deliciously… But poorly)

Like I mentioned on Friday, aside from, I’m also on Facebook and Twitter, so feel free to follow me over there as well! I am around, people. Easy to get a hold of.  If you have any questions, comments, marriage proposals, or extra scratch off lottery tickets you’re trying to get rid of, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Also, on my end, any further announcements or things that I hear about the show will happen over there at those places, not on here. This blog will be packed up and saved for future generations, to show them how Awesomeness first got started.

Well, I’ve been procrastinating and putting this off all day, so I guess now’s as good a time as any. What a short, strange trip it’s been. Thank you, everybody. The lights are on, the jukebox is unplugged, and the bar is closed… So there’s only one thing to do: Throw the cooler in the back, slap on your shades, and crank up the tunes!! It’s time to roll outta here and on to the next stop! I hope to see you there, Sugarsnap.

Something tells me I will.  ;)