A COB Three!

Okay, I’m sorry.  No more epic posts about bodily functions for awhile.  In fact… Let’s talk about Conan stuff!  Whaddya say?  Is that cool with everybody?

First off, I’ve had multiple people ask me about Twitter accounts today.  Let me make it absolutely clear: The only Twitter account that Conan O’Brien is associated with right now is his own Twitter account: @conanobrien. Other Twitter accounts like @ConansSquirrel, @ConansSharpie, @CocosBeard, @ConansFreckles, etc. are not us.  Make no mistake - I think they’re hilarious, awesome, and super creative… But they were started and are run by our hilarious, awesome, and super creative fans - not us.  In short, this article on Flavorwire is wrong.  I don’t know why they just didn’t ask me before they wrote the article… It’s not like I’m hard to get ahold of!  Ahh, the age of internet journalism.  ;)

Secondly, how incredible is Sarah Killen?!  I’ve been keeping up with Sarah (aka the only person that Conan is following on Twitter)… And she could not a be sweeter, more down to earth, or kinder person!  I am really impressed with how she’s handling her newfound web celebrity status; she’s already putting the spotlight on TWO great charities, she handles herself extremely well in interviews, and she’s still making awesome tweets!!  All this, and she’s going to be on Larry King tomorrow?!  SO GREAT. It warms my heart to see all the great stuff that’s happening with her life and her wedding and everything. It couldn’t happen to a nicer person.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!  Go Sarah go!!!

Third, former Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien writer Brian Kiley has a brand new comedy CD that just came out last week!  Brian is one of the best standup comedians I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing (or working with), and I highly HIGHLY urge anyone who loves comedy to snatch it up today!  You can grab it on Amazon right here, sucka!

And that will do it for today. A quick one two three!  Can you dig it, baby?  I knew you could. See you tomorrow.  And tomorrow’s post won’t happen in the middle of the night, I promise.  :)