All Dressed Up!

All right!  Today we had a sweet sweet dress rehearsal for the rest of our staff - full on everything - and it went great!  Everyone really loved it, and it was great seeing everyone again! There were even a couple audibles that we hadn’t rehearsed but threw in anyway… And they worked!  Exxxxcellent.  One more day of rehearsing (tomorrow), then we pack it up and head to the Pacific Northwest to KICK OFF THE TOUR!  I still can’t believe that it’s really happening.  So insane. I feel like this is one of those moments in life - like prom, or graduation - that you know beforehand that you will look back on for the rest of your life.  I just want to try to remember everything I can, and have a great time.  And come back with 32 salt shakers and a suitcase full of tacky crap.  ;)

Just so we’re all on the same page: Starting on Monday, we will be launching phase 2 of - from then on, that will be your one stop shop to everything Conan Tour related! I’ll be doing a Tour Blog, behind the scenes videos, etc.  all over on that site for the duration of the tour. Yes, there will be commenting; yes, I’ll be responding to comments; and yes… It will be SUPER AWESOME AND AMAZING AND TOTES INCREDIBLE.  You guys know the drill. ;)  This site will still exist, but will either be updated infrequently or go dormant until the tour’s over.  We’ll see.

Now, here’s two awesome things that I just found out about:

1. An advertising company called Lamar has put up electronic billboards all over the country that only display Conan’s tweets!  HOLY CRAP.  SO AWESOME.  This is totally real - if you wanna see some pics of these killer billboards in the wild, check em out here! Thanks, Lamar!!  That’s a super cool idea, and the billboards look totally rad!!

2. I got an email from none other than Robert Smigel today, letting me know that everybody’s favorite New York City Sorcerer, Blackwolf The Dragonmaster, is now on Twitter!  That’s right - the guy who was a part of my favorite Triumph bit of all time (when Triumph visited the Star Wars nerds), is now tweeting his little magical heart out! I actually did a thing with Triumph and Blackwolf for an Underground video back in the day… And no offense, but Blackwolf is insane.  Seriously.  The guy believes - really believes - that he is a sorcerer from the Middle Ages or something. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s a super nice guy… Just a little “off” in the head.  WHICH WILL MAKE FOR SOME FANTASTIC TWEETS, YES?!  Oh, I think so.  I think so.

Anyway, please follow him. PLEASE. Right now, he only has one follower: Me! And I can’t deal with Blackwolf only tweeting insane things just for my benefit. I JUST CAN’T DEAL WITH IT.  Let’s all share in the sorcery madness, shall we? 

And that’s it for tonight! Time for daddy to hit the sheets. Let’s all hope for a couple of good rehearsals tomorrow, and then…. You know what happens next.